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Meet Our Guide:
Bryan Tanner

Bryan was born and raised near the Elk River in West Virginia. The Elk is steeped in Muskie history. As he progressed through life, his passion for Muskie that he developed early in life never left him. One of the things that makes fishing with Bryan unique is his experience in fishing for Muskie in almost every corner of North America in which they can be found. He has fished everywhere from Lake of the Woods, Ontario to the southern Lakes of West Virginia and many small creeks and rivers between. So if you want to know about the Tigers of Montana’s Dead Man’s Basin or the “Mother of Muskie Fishing” herself, the world famous Leech Lake of Minnesota, Bryan can tell you about them.


With Bryan as your guide, you will be able to clearly see the respect and passion he has for these fish and it will come through in your experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first time muskie hunter, Bryan has the skill to give you what you need to fully enjoy your experience with us.

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